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Vivek Ramaswamy : He is an Indian-American Business man who belong to ohio state USA. In this article we are sharing about Vivek Ramaswamy’s biography, net worth, school/collage, wife, family, book and what nationality is vivek ramaswamy. Anti-woke businessman Vivek Ramaswamy has formally launched his 2024 presidential campaign

According to his facebook bio description, he is Citizen & Capitalist. Excellence & Duty. He is running for president of United States. He is in news because Vivek Ramaswamy just made a huge announcement. He’s running for president! Now meet the man himself and listen to his vision for America.


Vivek Ramaswamy’s Biography

Vivek ramaswamy is a millionaire of Indian origin in American business. He runs an investment management company and is also its co-founder. He is also an author and conservative political activist Republican Party.

Why in News

Two of the three Republican candidates contesting for the US presidential race are of Indian origin. One of these two candidates is Nikki Haley, who is a well-known name, but the other Indian-origin candidate Vivek Ramaswamy has surprised everyone.

vivek ramaswamy bio

  • He was born on 09 Aug1985 in Cincinnati, Ohio, USA.’
  • Ramaswamy is Hindu.
  • He is the Co-founder and Executive Chairman of Strive Asset Management company.
  • He also wrote two books Woke, Inc and Nation of Victims.
  • He is an Indian Origin American Entrepreneur.
  • He belong to Republican Party of America.
  • He studied in Harvard University and Yale Law school as his linkedin profile.

vivek ramaswamy age

37, Years

vivek ramaswamy beliefs


vivek ramaswamy family


His father is Vivek Ganapathy and mother’s name is Geetha Ramaswamy.

vivek ramaswamy wife

Apoorva Tewari is wife of ramaswamy. Apoorva is an professor and clinician at the Ohio. She studied law and medicine. They have two sons.

vivek ramaswamy net worth

  • $600 million

According to Forbes his net worth is $600 million, 2016 America’s Richest Entrepreneurs Under 40 Net Worth. Source of wealth is investments.

He started his business in the field of biotechnology and earned wealth worth crores. He was behind Myovant Sciences, the largest biotechnology initial public offering of 2016, which raised $218 million when it listed its shares on the Nasdaq in October.

entrepreneur vivek ramaswamy

He formed the company in April and struck a deal with Takeda Pharmaceuticals for a prostate cancer drug and a female infertility drug. Last year, Ramaswamy pulled off the biggest IPO in U.S. biotech history by listing shares of Axovant, a company that is trying to develop a new Alzheimer’s drug.

Source of Information – Forbes

vivek ramaswamy website

Election campaign website vivek2024-

Team Vivek Store Website –

vivek ramaswamy strive

A depoliticized investment option. 

Strive to offer everyday citizens a way to invest in the stock market without mixing business with politics.

Many Americans invest in the market by selecting large asset managers to oversee their retirement and investment accounts. These asset managers charge low fees, but there is a hidden cost: these firms tell America’s public companies to adopt divisive social and political agendas that most Americans disagree with. Even worse, they cause America’s companies to perform more poorly by mixing politics with business, which harms the investment accounts of everyday Americans.

At Strive, we are solving that problem by creating index funds that deliver our message to American public companies.

Strive is an Ohio-based asset management firm whose mission is to restore the voices of everyday citizens in the American economy by guiding companies to focus on excellence over politics.

Source of Information – Strive Asset Management

Ramaswamy political party

Republican Party

Founder of Roivant Sciences

Founder of Roivant Sciences is vivek ramaaswamy. Mr. Ramaswamy, a second-generation Indian American, founded Roivant Sciences in 2014.

His thought for Presidents election 2024


It’s time to declare independence from Communist China: defeat them economically so we don’t have to militarily.


The best ideas win when no ideas are censored.


The people we elect to run the government should be the ones who actually run the government.


MLK was right. We succeed in America not on the color of our skin, but on the content of our character – and our contributions.