Carbon Negative Country 2023

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BY Admin 04.05.2023

At present, climate change and environmental problems remain a serious threat to the whole world.

When the carbon dioxide and greenhouse gases emitted by a country are fully absorbed, that country is called a net zero-emission country.

What is Net Zero emission country?

While many countries of the world are struggling with environmental problems, some countries have become carbon negative countries.

Bhutan is the world's first completely carbon-negative country. The greenhouse gases emitted by it are completely absorbed.


Suriname, a small country located in the north of South America, is also included in the list of carbon-negative countries.


Carbon Negative Countries in the World

Bhutan, Surinam, Panama, Guyana, Gabon, Comoros, Madagascar, Niue, Afganistan, Dominica, Bolivia, Azerbaijan, Brunei, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Botswana 

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