National Mission on quantum technologies and Application

National Quantum Mission worth a total cost of Rs. 6003.65 Crore from 2023-24 to 2030-31.

The quantum principle will be used for engineering solutions to  extremely complex problems in computing, chemistry, communication,  sensing, imaging, cryptocurrency, and mechanics. 

Budget 2023 announced Rs 8,000 cr over the next 5 years in the National Mission on Quantum technology and its application. 

Top global firms such as Microsoft, IBM, and Google also plan and run  quantum R&D programs and many Indian startups have also come into  the field. 

The total cost of Rs.6003.65 crore from 2023-24 to 2030-31 

Four Thematic Hubs (T-Hubs) to be set up in top academic and National R&D institutes on the domains 

National Quantum Mission